Sunday, February 18, 2007

Orkut it growing, yippe!

OK, we all know Orkut turned 3, and we had a pink birthday cake and 3 candles to celebrate Orkut turning 3.

Happy birtday to you,
Happy birthday to 'who are you s'
Happy birthday to 'plz be my friends''
Happy birtday day to our beloved little Orkut
May Google bless you!

It also celebrated the Valentines day with a new logo, which was awfully pink again.

Just like this ..

So, what is with Orkut and the love for pink? Probably, they just did not find a better colour to please those Brazilians?(Er, no offence here!)
(I added those red hearts, because I felt so empty without them!)

If you noticed the heart pierced with a black arrow, that has a shiny black point, the shaft in the heart and the fletching so romantic that I started drooling over the design like a monkey would drool over his female type.

Alright, so apart from the design and the endless boring blue layout, what new do we see?
They've added 'Videos', which rocks. Just like always, it itched me and I became all nosy, hunting to catch some fun. I found music videos, videos of sermons, football goals, cheesy Hindi songs, clips from movies and even videos which made no sense at all. Its good and bad that they've let us upload videos only from YouTube and Google Videos. Probably, they're high on their new poach, YouTube inc.,

Something, I loved with this update, was that - they're removed the smudgy border of the pics, which almost every time killed those beautiful pictures as they were suffering from disorder that'd render them to be pale for eternity. Thanks, Developers, Designers - really!

And lately, I seem to miss that 'Bad bad server, no donut for you' error. It was funny first, annoying then, but rare now.

P.S. For all the Orkut lovers, and for all the Orkutters who've found the love of your life on Orkut and would not let anyone bad mouth it, or even speak ill about it. I apologize, and everything said here was to get a humourous edge. I love Orkut, and even plan to get married here. So, lets toss a cookie and get to scrappin'

Thursday, January 25, 2007

So many communities?!

I was just cruising my way through Orkut, streaming down profiles. It occurred to me some of them have joined like more than 100 communities.

Then, after a little research and reading around. I figured, its as simple to join a community as it could be. Not just that, but people just join communities which they think they might interest the onlookers, and not really sure if they're interested in. Then again, this is my observation and I rather not generalize.

Some of them came along as fashion labels, like Guess, AX, Chanel, Levi's, and so on..
Then there were photography, I love mom and even some schools people attended.

Some among them featured busty females, and clearly was I aware - what those communities meant. No offence - but, 'People, this is a social networking site', and keep it there. Its not a dating service or, 'Oh-please-I-wanna-get-laid' service, either?

Many of the Orkutters have added like a gazillion number of communities, not more than 1% would which they'd be able to participate in. Just like 'I'm sexy!' red badges were hip, a long time ago, is exactly what I felt going through the number of communities.

Another story, I unfolded. It goes like this, a bunch of guys hated this some hot lass, who apparently had denied spending time with them or probably didn't get them enough candy or something to that effect. It seemed they all raced and logged in Orkut, to make a community, 'We hate Reena', and kept ranting - 'She's a bitch, She's a hoe' and what not. lol.

Oh, yeah. I did nauseate but, hey - its fun. Just like you ride a roller coaster, and your friend just throws up on you, and says she's got her chums!

Not to mention, there are communities spreading hate, sex, violence and probably there are few which propagate ill treatment of housemaids and so on.

Oh yeah, you're right! I've got a pretty irreversible horrible opinion about all these communities. I plead to differ, as not all communities are this low to my opinion. Then again, there are Cyber Psychology, Cryptography, Linux and even iPod lovers(I'm kidding!) which are overwhelmingly interesting.

So, that's my piece of Orkut this weekend. What's yours?

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Orkut Profiles and People.

So how does Orkut work?

Yes, as I was getting my hands wet with Orkut. I noticed a lot of interesting profiles.
There are some, which are written for the heck of it. Some are written like, Michelangelo worked on The Last Judgement on the altar wall of the Sistine Chapel.

One of the profiles that impressed me, belongs to a guy who goes to IIT, works on Linux and chats on IRC. Works out De Moivre's theorems, and takes Quantum Physics special classes.
Watches Alfred Hitchcock's and reads Umberto Eco.

I was literally, in awe. A little green eyed monster did say hello. But it inspired me, reminding me where I am, and where I ought to be.

I always wished, I majored in Physics, worked out the most fascinating numbers, integrated the most soothing dynamic symmetries like BT did, ate fries for breakfast and went out for dates, in the mountain caves. (I know, I rhyme!)

I know, I'm a horrible dreamer - and if I ought to be living in the future - where feeling is an offense, and liberation is something that wouldn't be heard with delight but would be suppressed. Where all forms of arts are prohibited, be it Ayn Rand's Fountainhead to Frank Sinatra's songs. What life would that life be?

I'm going to go about the three tab description of the person, or at least his/her online realization of him/herself.


The 'About me' mostly tells you if you want to proceed reading the profile or save your time, trust me. Of course, you can read my 'About me'
Some of the profiles had, amazing pieces of information, quotes, original poems in their 'about me' section.

...and of course, any pretty girl and I'd check if she's single. Just all in vain, not knowing a better way than to communicate than to scrap?

It seems, these girls are often approached on an exponential times in the day (and night even, teehee!) by random people asking for friendship, loveship and what not - that keeps them pissed off, and would categorize even the descent ones in the same crowd? God knows!

I don't know if it is a horrible thing to browse pictures of strangers, but if they're displayed on the their albums, they're meant to be seen and appreciated?(Come on guys, you know!) Some are worth watching.

These profiles give informations, from the languages they speak to the cuisines they prefer. Its like getting to know the person almost virtually, without his/her knowledge, which freaks me out.

My favorite part comes here, where they write about their passions, sports and activities. It pretty much tells you what a person is doing right now, or is more likely to - unless it is fake.

Then comes this section, which tells you how intellectual the person, on the basis of how much he/she has read, watched. Their tastes in music. It often strikes me when I go through profiles which almost have like 112 artiste under the music section, which puzzles me if all of them are their favorites or they've jotted down everything they listen to.

This is a great place, in my opinion to fetch good movies to watch, especially the old ones. Its like you go through the personality and with that you can match the tastes in movies, the genre and have an approximate idea if we'd like the movie.(Its simple math, if you ask me.)

I should stop reading the cuisine section, as some of the fellow Orkutters have graphic and vivid details about what food they'd choose. Warning! This might initiate food cravings, and if you're on a diet. Dude, you better log off Orkut, like NOW!

This will tell you, which school did they go to, and which college as well. Needless for me to say. This is often interesting if you're willing to find someone who you went to school with and stuff.

Just like, this hot chick who was in my class in the 11th grade, and I did not have the balls to go ask her out, and now I do? Its great for people like that. But personally, I don't wish to meet people from my past, and those number of people who I should meet, already stand by me. I really have better ways of communicating with them, than Orkut.

Now this is for example, the most valuable piece of information a stranger would have about a girl he's taking out. Just like 'first date', must-know-about-her material.

Ideal match, need it be a celebrity or a renowned arithmeticians? A vivid description of traits that'd be looked in the person who's interested. More like a qualifying criteria.

First thing you'll notice about me, eye color, hair color, height, build didn't interest me enough.

Body art, of course tells how a person is, like Tattoos and piercing on every available skin or is the person actually sane, and is cool enough to carry a body art. (For guys: This is the meter that'd tell her how naughty she is, and you might actually get lucky? Date, I meant.)
There aren't enough options on 'Turn On', just the 12 preferences that they offer, but covers pretty much everything.

Turn Offs, mostly include body odour. This is what I fail to understand, we're so much into those perfumes and deos - we actually fail to appreciate what our natural smell is. Its not like, all of them who don't smother themselves with expensive aerosols of alcohol and musk, smell horrible.
Yes, of course - offensive odour is a major turn off.

for girls
- what you learned in your past relationships necessarily does not mean, he's a liar, cheater. But something like, 'love isn't everything required to make a relationship work'. Be honest to an extent. Just don't express everything to scare away people who might actually be interested?

for guys - Most of them just diligently seem to ignore this section. Maybe not many were lucky in the past and are in search and thus on Orkut.

Five things I can't live with, Things you can find in my bathroom, or is it bedroom? I guess it'd be useful if you're going to lease their place or consider becoming a paying guest to share their room.

Sunday, January 7, 2007

I got an Orkut!

Its a been a while, since I wanted to go out there meet some people and made friends online. I always thought, there never is a replacement for the real thing, be it dating, sex or even making friends online.

But that's what I was thinking earlier as I had some relatively bad experience on Yahoo! chat rooms. But, when I was at a friends place and noticed he had like 53 friends and here people actually had this real photo and information. I was stunned, to just notice how not just guys, but even girls have pictures of them with their friends and their own realities of their life.

So, I asked him(begged, actually!) for an invite and he said, 'Dude!, anybody can sign up!'
...and needless to say, I decided I did not require his assistance to be hip online, especially on this new networking site called Orkut.

Yes, I had heard about Friendster, hi5 and most of them sounded like classroom reunions. I never liked the classmates I ever had so, wasn't ever interested in joining them. Just like 'who'd want to chew an already chewed up piece of gum?' ...

So, I did make an Orkut profile and hopefully it is not that unpalatable.
This is my orkut profile.

Yes, do shoot me in with all the sarcasm, obscure, clever/quick witted humorous criticism.
So, is my quest of searching good friends, ends here? Lets see.