Sunday, January 7, 2007

I got an Orkut!

Its a been a while, since I wanted to go out there meet some people and made friends online. I always thought, there never is a replacement for the real thing, be it dating, sex or even making friends online.

But that's what I was thinking earlier as I had some relatively bad experience on Yahoo! chat rooms. But, when I was at a friends place and noticed he had like 53 friends and here people actually had this real photo and information. I was stunned, to just notice how not just guys, but even girls have pictures of them with their friends and their own realities of their life.

So, I asked him(begged, actually!) for an invite and he said, 'Dude!, anybody can sign up!'
...and needless to say, I decided I did not require his assistance to be hip online, especially on this new networking site called Orkut.

Yes, I had heard about Friendster, hi5 and most of them sounded like classroom reunions. I never liked the classmates I ever had so, wasn't ever interested in joining them. Just like 'who'd want to chew an already chewed up piece of gum?' ...

So, I did make an Orkut profile and hopefully it is not that unpalatable.
This is my orkut profile.

Yes, do shoot me in with all the sarcasm, obscure, clever/quick witted humorous criticism.
So, is my quest of searching good friends, ends here? Lets see.

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Jennifer at Design Hole said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, Design Hole. And you left a comment! Very special. So,this morning I've learned all about Orkut,, which I thought was the name of a middle-eastern country until my son (who's memorized every country) cleared that up.

So what makes it better than Facebook? What could be more fun than joining a group (on Facebook) called Sandwich Punch? Please advise.