Sunday, February 18, 2007

Orkut it growing, yippe!

OK, we all know Orkut turned 3, and we had a pink birthday cake and 3 candles to celebrate Orkut turning 3.

Happy birtday to you,
Happy birthday to 'who are you s'
Happy birthday to 'plz be my friends''
Happy birtday day to our beloved little Orkut
May Google bless you!

It also celebrated the Valentines day with a new logo, which was awfully pink again.

Just like this ..

So, what is with Orkut and the love for pink? Probably, they just did not find a better colour to please those Brazilians?(Er, no offence here!)
(I added those red hearts, because I felt so empty without them!)

If you noticed the heart pierced with a black arrow, that has a shiny black point, the shaft in the heart and the fletching so romantic that I started drooling over the design like a monkey would drool over his female type.

Alright, so apart from the design and the endless boring blue layout, what new do we see?
They've added 'Videos', which rocks. Just like always, it itched me and I became all nosy, hunting to catch some fun. I found music videos, videos of sermons, football goals, cheesy Hindi songs, clips from movies and even videos which made no sense at all. Its good and bad that they've let us upload videos only from YouTube and Google Videos. Probably, they're high on their new poach, YouTube inc.,

Something, I loved with this update, was that - they're removed the smudgy border of the pics, which almost every time killed those beautiful pictures as they were suffering from disorder that'd render them to be pale for eternity. Thanks, Developers, Designers - really!

And lately, I seem to miss that 'Bad bad server, no donut for you' error. It was funny first, annoying then, but rare now.

P.S. For all the Orkut lovers, and for all the Orkutters who've found the love of your life on Orkut and would not let anyone bad mouth it, or even speak ill about it. I apologize, and everything said here was to get a humourous edge. I love Orkut, and even plan to get married here. So, lets toss a cookie and get to scrappin'