Thursday, January 25, 2007

So many communities?!

I was just cruising my way through Orkut, streaming down profiles. It occurred to me some of them have joined like more than 100 communities.

Then, after a little research and reading around. I figured, its as simple to join a community as it could be. Not just that, but people just join communities which they think they might interest the onlookers, and not really sure if they're interested in. Then again, this is my observation and I rather not generalize.

Some of them came along as fashion labels, like Guess, AX, Chanel, Levi's, and so on..
Then there were photography, I love mom and even some schools people attended.

Some among them featured busty females, and clearly was I aware - what those communities meant. No offence - but, 'People, this is a social networking site', and keep it there. Its not a dating service or, 'Oh-please-I-wanna-get-laid' service, either?

Many of the Orkutters have added like a gazillion number of communities, not more than 1% would which they'd be able to participate in. Just like 'I'm sexy!' red badges were hip, a long time ago, is exactly what I felt going through the number of communities.

Another story, I unfolded. It goes like this, a bunch of guys hated this some hot lass, who apparently had denied spending time with them or probably didn't get them enough candy or something to that effect. It seemed they all raced and logged in Orkut, to make a community, 'We hate Reena', and kept ranting - 'She's a bitch, She's a hoe' and what not. lol.

Oh, yeah. I did nauseate but, hey - its fun. Just like you ride a roller coaster, and your friend just throws up on you, and says she's got her chums!

Not to mention, there are communities spreading hate, sex, violence and probably there are few which propagate ill treatment of housemaids and so on.

Oh yeah, you're right! I've got a pretty irreversible horrible opinion about all these communities. I plead to differ, as not all communities are this low to my opinion. Then again, there are Cyber Psychology, Cryptography, Linux and even iPod lovers(I'm kidding!) which are overwhelmingly interesting.

So, that's my piece of Orkut this weekend. What's yours?

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